Beloved Beautiful Noise EP


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Lionel Valdellon [Acid42]
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Lionel Valdellon [Acid42] Lo-fi electronic with a strong punk spirit. Like Depeche Mode but angrier and grittier. Synth-full sounds. Expect bigger and greater things from this guy! Favorite track: Beloved Beautiful Noise.


New maxi-single/2-song EP. October 2012


released October 31, 2012

Erick A. Fabian Sr. - vocals, synths, drum programming, production

Additional arrangement and editing: Miriam Tan-Fabian

Cover art and design: Erick A. Fabian

Original cover photo: Aje de Guzman



all rights reserved



One-man electropunk band, specifically Erick A. Fabian Sr., who sings and plays synths and samplers.

CERUMENTRIC is a two-time Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) nominee for Best Electro/Dance Act.

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Track Name: Beloved Beautiful Noise
No sky, no earth and yet the frost is falling
Within the shadows your soft skin is fading
Face to the clouds that swam away when I beckon
From your lost expression tortured by the lies
We can't confide to anyone

I wrapped myself around you
Not caring what will happen to me
Let's run away together
I want to live and die with you

Die with you (2x)

No dust or smoke and yet the world is burning
It's hard to find a friend among the living
Hands to the water lapping on your feet
In the poison garden where I found you
Coming back to life

Live once more (2x)
Once more

words and music by Erick A. Fabian Sr./Copyright 2012 TicTiger! Productions, Frederick Fabian.
Track Name: Where Is God When It Hurts
Everything to give up
Rebels and thieves and prostitutes
Have been turned away
Frown on the heretics

Please do something for them
I don't have the strength to do it all

Defend the weak
Help the helpless
Comfort the grieving
Let them live a life of dignity

Mother lost her child
The tired, the hungry, the poor, the dying sick
A father kills his son
Explain it away

Nobody's responding
Someone locked the door
Humanity do something
We're all we've got now

words and music by Erick A. Fabian Sr./TicTiger! Productions/Frederick Fabian. Copyright 2012.