Failure Of The Moment MAXI​-​SINGLE


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The title track is partly a result of being pressured by my wife/manager to finish a song that I've been working on for three weeks. It is also influenced by extensive discussions with other fellow songwriters in the Songwriters Common Room, an FB forum initiated by Shorthand Phonetics frontman Ababil Ashari. SCR is where songwriters of different music genres from Southeast Asia and other parts of the world get together and amicably discuss and share their experiences in expressing themselves in their songcraft.-Erick


released November 11, 2011

Produced by Miam Tan-Fabian and Erick A. Fabian Sr.

Original cover photo by Keith Dador. Layout and art by Erick.

Exclusively distributed in Indonesia by Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records and YES NO WAVE Music courtesy of Ababil Ashari (Shorthand Phonetics) and Akhmad Alfan Rahadi (Papa Onta Cult)

Distributed elsewhere by TicTiger! Productions/UnderStanding Sound Recordings



all rights reserved



One-man electropunk band, specifically Erick A. Fabian Sr., who sings and plays synths and samplers.

CERUMENTRIC is a two-time Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) nominee for Best Electro/Dance Act.

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Track Name: Failure Of The Moment
This is the frontier
Right outside
Where everything you know
Doesn't work

In this spacious country
I reside
Within the brightest day
Scorching night

But you speak to me
Like God speaks to me
I get more questions than answers
I know you're right
But I'm too weak to fight
I've run out of kindness
So fill me now
Come fill now
Oh fill me now
With your love

This is the moment
When I fail to love
Someone else
Like I would

Copyright 2011 Tictiger! Productions/Erick A. Fabian
Track Name: Sentimentality And Robots
I'm your dream from outer space
Always feeling out of place
I have crossed the great divide
Lacking sureness in my stride

I can be your ally
I can be your worst enemy
After all has been said and done
Triumph's taste is spent and gone

Only you can hold me down
I know you will understand
When I become what I fear
I know you will take my hand

I'm the love that you'll hate
Broken mirror of your fate
When we cross the great divide
Please stay by my side